Hybrid bikes are excellent multi-purpose bikes designed for short or long-distance city road rides and even light trail rides in the countryside. Typically, they are made very light with alloy frames, thin tires yet small nubs which work efficiently on pavement. Hybrids have 21 to 24 gears to handle smooth roads to the most challenging terrains.

Hybrids offer extreme comfort as they are built with soft and large saddle along with upright position handle bars and thin tires. These features differentiate hybrids from road bikes or mountain bikes. Although road bikes are made with thin tires, they have curved handle bars which may not be very comfortable to some riders. Meanwhile, mountain bikes have straight handle bars but thick tires. Hybrid bikes aim to give the most comfortable sitting position that often comes with suspension forks to add efficient pedal experience.

You are probably looking for hybrid bike reviews. Here are the top 3 hot pick bikes in 2014. Whether you have only limited budget, you can always find a great value hybrid bike that will suit your needs.

Northwoods Ladies Springdale 21 Speed Hybrid Bike – $200 and below


The Springdale Ladies Hybrid Bike is the most practical option for only $200. At an affordable price, it is made of high quality alloy frame plus 21 speeds Shimano rear derailleur. Northwoods Ladies Springdale 21 Speed Hybrid bike can be described in two words – versatility and comfort. The one-of-a-kind features suit very well for women who intend to use this bike for commuting and the chance of winning marathons with its speed. See the full review here….

Schwinn Women’s Midmoor Bike – $200 to $300


So you’re petite? No problem. The Schwin Women’s Midmoor bike is just for you. If you are looking for real comfort or a bike seat completely suspended along with good handlebars, Schwinn Midmoor has more to offer.

This bike has 700c wheel and Shimano 21-speed drivetrain and shifters. If you are someone who loves to join marathon, this bike is a good training bike. The best feature is its swept-back handle bars to ensure that you are in full control where ever you are. For only $200 to $300, you have almost everything to look for on this bike. See the full review here…

Diamondback Insight 2 Performance Hybrid Bike with 700c Wheels – $400 to $550


If you want to add more to your bike’s specification, get the Diamondback Insight 2 Performance Hybrid with 700c wheels. It has the touches of Shimano gears not just the rear derailleur but also the front derailleur, shifters and brake levers. To add, the hybrid suspension that comes along with this bike is an assurance that you won’t be left out no matter how you plan your journey in this next few days. Indeed, a great pick for only $400 to $550. See the full review here…

Quick Tips

No matter what bike you choose, the most important thing is it suits you. Hybrid bikes come in various frame sizes and specifications. Try to look for a bike size with a frame that best fits your height and built. You should allow 1 to 2 inches clearance as you throw bike cycles. Next, consider the height of the seat. Are you just comfortable or do you need to hop up the seat? Comfort is the key in choosing the best hybrid bike. Make sure that can still have a slight bend on your upper and lower extremities as you ride or else you’ll end up having muscle strains.

It’s good to visit a bicycle shop so you can have a test ride on the unit. Most bicycle stores provide areas where customers can do this. And do not forget to purchase the bike gears and PPEs such as helmet, protection pads and gloves.

If you are planning to purchase a hybrid bike as a present, be sure to get the crucial specifications and features they would love. For kids, bikes are measured by the size of the wheels and not the frames. The best size should allow the child to stand his feet comfortably on the ground. It’s highly recommended to bring the kid to the bicycle shop. Surprises may not really work in choosing the right bike.