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What is a Hybrid Bike – Everything You Need to Know

A hybrid bike characterize features of on and off road bikes where riders can possibly enjoy long distance ride around for leisure tours or light adventure rides up the hill. Classification of Hybrid Bikes According to Design Cross Bike Cross bikes are intended for recreational purpose. It

Hybrid Bike vs Road Bike – What’s The Difference?

Everybody has heard it, hybrid bikes and road bikes. What is the difference? Does it really matter? Without looking into technical aspects, the obvious distinction of hybrid and road bikes can be seen on the handlebars. You can clearly imagine the rider’s position when you hop to

Hybrid Bike Sizing – What Size of Hybrid Bike Do You Need?

A performance or sports hybrid bike is a combination of power, flexibility and speed of both mountain and a road bike. Each comes with remarkable small wheelbase with remarkable stiffer and nimbler. The 700c wheels can efficiently work on maintaining speed on roads yet still great for