Diamondback 2013 Insight 2 Review

Every bike enthusiast knows that when it comes to choosing the right equipment, it is always wise to choose the more trusted brands. Brands that have been out in the market for some time have proven their reliability in the bike scene and will assure their patrons that indeed they are choosing the best indeed.

One of the trusted names when it comes to bikes is the Diamondback Company. This company has been around for quite some time. Their team has also been making its mark in the biking world with many wins.

One of the newer bikes it has released is the Diamondback 2013 Insight 2 Performance Hybrid Bike with 700c Wheels. This is an all-around bike that can be used for both rough and smooth trails. The Diamondback 2013 Insight 2 is indeed the bike suited for every kind of rider.

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Product Details

The Diamondback 2013 Insight 2 Performance Hybrid Bike with 700c Wheels is packed with a lot of features that will definitely come in useful during countless bike rides.

This bike by Diamondback is specifically made to fit expert to beginner level bike riders. It comes equipped with 700c wheels, which are enough to give you an easy, ride whether in a rugged or city terrain.

It also has Butted 6061-T6 aluminum Insight Performance Hybrid Frame. Made of a light material such as Aluminum, the frame is light enough to ride in leisurely but also tough enough so that you are assured that it is sturdy.

A bike’s blade fork is an important part that if not constructed solidly can result to an uncomfortable ride, or worst result to accidents. Yet, that will not be a problem at all with the Diamondback 2013 Insight 2 since it has a an Insight Integrated Alloy Aero Straight Blade Fork.

This bike’s other parts are also well thought of since the manufacturer used trusted parts from Shimano. It has a crank set with included a chain guard and rear derailleur only by Shimano.

Another great feature is its Equation Double Wall Alloy Rims that are both practical and aesthetic in function. It lends a beautiful design to the whole bike while playing a major role in the bike’s functioning.

Unlike other hybrid bikes which only leave the buyer with a number of options to choose from in terms of size, but that is indeed not the case with the Diamondback 2013 Insight 2. It has five sizes to choose from ranging from 15 to 23 inches at the largest.

With this piece of a gem from Diamondback, whether you use a bike for leisure or practical uses such as commuting or training, it can be assured that this bike can keep up and possibly exceed your expectations.

Technical Details

  • Shipping Weight – 25 lbs.
  • Equipped with a lightweight and sturdy Aluminum Performance Hybrid Frame
  • With a Shimano Crank set that also includes a chain guard
  • With reliable 8-speed SLM310 Rapidfire Shifters
  • Also with Shimano Acera Rear Derailleur for fast and secure gear change
  • Wheel diameter is at 700c suited for both smooth and rugged terrains
  • Comes in 5 sizes for a more customized and comfortable fit for every rider:
    – S 15 inches
    – M 17 Inches
    – L 19 inches
    – XL 21 inches
    – XXL 23 inches


Everything about the Diamondback 2013 Insight 2 Performance Hybrid Bike with 700c Wheels is just at par, from its handlebars right down to its blade fork, there is almost nothing to complain about.

At only 25 pounds, this a relatively lightweight hybrid bike that is complete with everything one needs for a ride in the city or out rugged at the country. This is partly because of its frame that is made up of Aluminum. This material is known not only to be lightweight, but also very sturdy as well. Do not be fooled by its ‘barely there’ weight since it can withstand almost any rough riding condition.

Since it also features world-class parts such as a Shimano Crank set, there is also no worry that its parts cannot withstand the work you will put it through.Its crank set conveniently comes with a chain guard, so that derailing is a far away possibility.

The Diamondback 2013 Insight 2 is also capable of going from a slow ride to very fast in a snap of a finger with its 8 Speed Rapidfire Shifter. This lets the transition happen smoothly while causing only very minimal or no damage to the gears.

Its wheel size is also very practical at 700c. This lets you use this bike for both fun and work. You can use it for a leisurely stroll in the city, or take it riding with you on dirt paths. This is also the perfect commute buddy for those who prefer riding their bikes to work.

At a price below five hundred dollars, you are assured that you get the best hybrid bike with the most useful features at only a fraction of the price of others out in the market. Indeed, the Diamondback 2013 Insight 2 is definitely a bike not worth missing.


Although the Diamondback 2013 Insight 2 is almost perfect, there are very small issues that some have while using it.

It does not have shocks so although it can still be ridden over rugged terrain it will not guarantee a comfortable ride at all. Its seat also tends to be stiff for some.

Yet, over-all this is still a great choice for most bike riders.

Why Should I Buy It?

The Diamondback 2013 Insight 2 Performance Hybrid Bike with 700c Wheels is the best choice for those who are looking for a high performance hybrid bike.

This is the bike to take either for work or for fun. You can ride it to work and also use it for training or different fun activities whenever you want, without having to change anything about it.

Also, since it comes in five different sizes, this is the perfect gift to give to your kid when you are looking for something extra special, which they will surely enjoy.

Who Should Buy It?

The Diamondback 2013 Insight 2 Performance Hybrid Bike with 700c Wheels is meant for all levels of bikers. It does not matter if you are just a starter or an expert level biker, this great bike will surely suite all of your biking needs.

Those who also use their bike on a regular basis will indeed find that this hybrid bike is an excellent choice for whatever activity they are into. If you are into training, riding bikes for fun, or commuting, the Diamondback 2013 Insight 2 will never let you down.

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