Diamondback Edgewood Sport Review

Besides unquestionable well-being, cycling helps us save the planet. Unlike automobiles and similar motor vehicles, cycling does not contribute to air pollution. Bike materials take approximately 5% of energy than any other vehicles plus it does not take too much parking space. Driving by bicycle is the most practical choice. One, it saves you fuel engine. Secondly, it makes you healthier doing away with unnecessary medical consultation. And because it does not emit harmful environmental gases, we can help prevent global warming and save the mother earth.

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Product Description

Most bike lovers prefer a hybrid bike. When it comes to hybrid bike, the Diamondback 2013 Men’s Edgewood is an excellent choice. Foremost, what is a hybrid bike? How does it differ from a typical road bike? Read more and learn. The wheels of a hybrid bike are usually large design to provide fast side like a road bike. However, the wheels are sturdier enough to handle tough trails like a mountain bike. The Diamondback 2013 Men’s Edgewood Sport Hybrid bike for instance, comes in aluminum material thus resist corrosion. Aluminum is a lightweight material and therefore best for bikes. Furthermore, the bike is built with strong quality parts and material. The 63 millimeter hybrid suspension fork gives the biker comfort. The suspension fork absorbs the impact from obstacles and bumps along the way.

Technical Details and Product Features

  • Butted 6061 – T6 Aluminum Sport Hybrid Frame
  • 63 millimeter Travel Comfort Hybrid Suspension Fork
  • SR XCCT208 Crank set with Integrated Chainguard
  • SSW700 Double Tunnel Alloy Rims
  • Venir Deluxe 2-Density Coil Sprung Hybrid Saddle
  • Shimano TX55 rear derailleur, EF-TX51 7 speed EZ-fire shifter
  • Available sizes: Small – 15 inches; Medium – 17 inches; Large – 19 inches; XL – 21 inches

A Quick Guide to the Bike’s Geometry

Other than 700c, the bike comes in various sizes: 15 inches or small, 17 inches or medium, 19 inches or large and of course the 21 inches frame or extra large.The measurement of 2013 Men’s Edgewood Sport Hybrid Bike’s chain stay length, fork offset, head angle, seat angle, stem length, handlebar width, crank length and seat post length are the same in all sizes except for 5.0 mm variation in the crank length measurement of a 19-inches sized bike. The stand-over height and top tube length is lifted at 1 inch and 0.5 inches respectively as the bike size increases. Meanwhile, the head tube length measures 130.0mm both for small and medium bikes and 145 mm and 165 mm for large and extra large bike respectively.

Other Aspects

– Expected Date of Delivery: This varies depending on your location but delivery is approximately 3-7 days within areas in US.
– Assembly Time: 10 to 30 minutes
– Cost: $219.99
– Shipping Weight: 25 pounds
– Average weight: 30 to 35 pounds according to users
– Warranty: Diamondback provides no guarantee. However, you can avail of the Amazon return policy whenever applicable.

Most of the bike parts are readily assembled. Although you have to assemble other parts like: handle bars, pedals, front wheel and seat. The package comes with a user guide but since the instructions are too general, it could be bit confusing. You can always check the web for instructional videos or else go to YouTube for helpful how-to video tutorials.

Tools Required on Assembly

  • Wrench
    – Hex wrench (5mm and 6mm): Useful for the handle bars, tuning brakes and rear derailleur.
    – Adjustable/ Open-ended wrench (9mm and 15 mm): Useful for petals and adjustment of front derailleur.
    – Headset wrenches, cone wrench, torque wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver: For tuning derailleur high and low stops
  • Cable puller: For easy adjustment and setting of brake cables.
  • Chain Tool
  • Pliers

The Pros

– Durable and well built
– Comfortable hand grips and seat
– Swift and smooth ride
– Quick and easy assembly
– Minimal adjustments required to cables
– Very light for a big bike
– Brakes function well both
– Flawless gear performance
– Good-looking and well-painted bike

The Cons

– Incomplete Tool Kit
– Some buyers said that tools are not included in the package.
– Friction on saddle caused the bike seat to wiggle about 500 mile ride.
– Tires easily lose air pressure.
– Although good on light gravel surfaces, the front shocks are bit weak on rough roads.
– Bad cartridge and crank clunk noted at 100 miles.
– No kickstand
– Bike assembly is not friendly to a beginner or newbie.
– The same height of the bike or the frame size for small 15 inches and 26 inches.
– Brakes screech loudly
– Chain slips

Consumer Feedback:

Overall performance and quality of the Diamondback 2013 Men’s Edgewood Sport Hybrid Bike is great. Although the tires works well on flat concrete surfaces or street ride, tires least likely work as much as one expect from a top-notch hybrid bike in terms of off-road performance.

Who Should Buy It?

The Diamondback 2013 Men’s Edgewood Sport Hybrid Bike is highly recommended for beginner to intermediate cyclist for casual riding both on and off-road. But then, this bike works better in concrete surfaces like city streets. For someone, looking for nice bike that offers both quality and performance below $300 budget, this is the right bike for you.

Why Should You Buy It?

When looking for a good bike or any product, consumer feedback really matters. We learn from their experience as much as we want to listen on ads given by the company or manufacturer. We must recall that no matter how great the bike is, some consumers will have something to say. This could be because we all have different preferences. We have different needs and set standards. An 89% overall satisfactory rating is good enough for a specific brand. It just proves to say that more people are happy with the product they purchased.

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