Northwoods Ladies Springdale 21 Speed Review

So you’ve decided to get a new bike. But with the array of good bikes out there, choosing the best turns to be really tough. Do you love conventional biking? Do you wish to experience adventure rides through rough rugged trails? It could be that you’re just looking for leisure ride on flat smooth roads. What about if you wish to get both features? No problem, get the Northwoods Ladies Springdale Hybrid Bike.

Product Description

Hybrid bike like Northwoods Ladies Springdale has awesome features that suffice great characteristics anyone looks for smooth city ride as well as with rocky mountain trails. Technically, it comes with best on and off road qualities. The awesome Shimano Tourney rear derailleur 21 speed allows real comfort and ease in adjusting gears up and down the mountainous trails. Springdale’s huge 700c wheels and lightweight frame adds to fast and smooth ride. It’s made of sturdy alloy material to stand daily wear and tear.

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Technical Specifications and Features

The upright frame of Northwoods Ladies Springdale Hybrid Bike contributes to comfort. It offers 21 speeds and liner pull brakes. Riders can rely on its adjustable feature. Made from finest alloy, its frame has the ability to handle weight and shocks as you journey every day. Its unique 700c wheel is built to endure the roads with better traction. Northwoods Ladies Springdale Hybrid Bike’s light rim and components are comparable to top-notch hybrid bikes in the market.

Product Details

– 72 x 25 x 36” dimensions

– Weigh round 44.6 lbs

– Item originated in China

– B003PJPBA2 (ASIN); 92793 (model number)

– Comes at 11,022 in Sports and Outdoors

– 26 inches wheel

– Color: white

How Much Does It Costs?

Pretty pocket-friendly, the Northwoods Ladies Springdale 21 Speed Hybrid Bike is only $200.00. When you get it from Amazon, you’ll save 12% at $175.99. They are selling out this bike for discounts now.


Quality and Economical Frame

What seem alluring with Northwoods Ladies Springdale Hybrid Bikes are the 700c wheels. There’s nothing like this model that sells affordable sized frame for most average good height adults.

Best Buy at less than $200 Bucks

Bike becomes a necessity especially when you need to go to school or to your workplace every day. When budget isn’t that big for a new car, a dependable bike works its best. Sold for only $200 or less, the Northwoods Ladies Springdale Bike offers the best quality materials and features unmatched with other brands with the same price.

Goes Well with Rough Trails

This bike gives smooth shifts on gears. It works with reliable silent breaks. For average height and tall riders, adjustable bike seat adds to comfort with each paddle. Indeed, the 21 gear speeds offer real ease when climbing up and rolling down to flat areas on enjoy leisure ride in the city

Undeniably Beautiful

The white well-refined paint of this bike makes it so versatile. By adding few dashes and accessories like stickers and enhanced bike parts, no one would believe its price.

On and Off Road Features

Works well with flat and rough roads.

Easy Assembly

It’s so easy to set up the bike out of the box with the appropriate tools.


Yes, it’s very affordable and it is sold with free shipping offer in various areas.

Very Quick Turn-Around for Delivery

Remarkably, you’ll get this bike just in time as you expect it to be delivered.


Generic User Guide

Instructional manual is generic for all Kent Bikes. It’s better if the manufacturer can come up with a more personalized manual for details unique for this bike model. For newbies, the instructional material may not help much although you can always find help from various web pages and videos. It’s just that, for someone looking to assemble the bike without consuming more time, a good manual is preferred.

Limited Inner Tube Replacement

Replacement inner tubes are available to few distributor bike stores if not only from the manufacturers.

Incomplete Tool Kit

Allen wrenches are not included in the kit.

Some Damaged Parts

It could be a special case. Maybe a factor associated to handling or so but some parts of the bike according to end users came to them damaged. Minor issues can be handled though with a short trip to a hardware store.

Not an Optimal Choice for 5’4” and below

The bike is best for average height and tall individuals. However, if you don’t have problem hopping up the bike for a ride, you can get this.

Overall Satisfaction Rating

With 26 consumer reviews in Amazon, the average customer rating of Northwoods Ladies Springdale Hybrid Bike is 3.5 out of 5 stars. Around 81% are satisfied with their purchase and 19% gave 1 and 2 star rating.

Who Should Buy It

Northwoods Ladies Springdale Hybrid Bike is ideal for average height women looking for good biking experience on and off the road. If you are looking for a quality bike, you can get a fair deal with this one for less than $200.

Why should you buy it?

Besides being affordable, you can be assured of quality and comfort. It’s attractive too. You’ll be proud to show off this bike to your friends and acquaintance. Few enhancements will make a difference. This bike offer premium quality parts plus impressive alloy rims.

Going on and off the roads at 21 gears, you’ll get the best experience courtesy of Shimano. With this, you don’t need to get more than one bike. The model gives in to features you probably look for considering various road paths.

Again, the aluminum frame makes it really light. So, if you are after the true meaning of comfort, this bike is a good choice. And because it comes with upright frame, it holds your body ergonomically so you’ll feel convenient even with long hour drive.

It may not be a perfect bike, I guess even other bikes have some flaws. The most important thing is it suits your needs and you can find quick solutions to address issues.

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